A photo by Sam Sanchez

I recently got the Heavy Metal The Score by Elmer Bernstein LP. Yes, I actually bought another vinyl record. Ugh! This is from the animated film from 1981 A.D. I saw it in the theater with my ‘70s girlfriend back then. A few days ago, I found this photo of Carina shot in an office with overhead fluorescent lights. The combination of the new record and this picture immediately brought me back to high school. I remember shooting 35MM Kodak Tri-X in the hallways just barely making exposure and then trying to make a usable print in the darkroom. Thankfully, digital photography makes that a helluva lot easier. This is one of six photos in an impromptu series. Carina is always a pleasure to work with. Her radiance and positive energy comes through in every photo. I did most of my best work with her (even under these shooting conditions).