Author: Sam Sanchez

FILE 015

A photo by Sam Sanchez.

Just a simple black & white portrait. I use the word File in the title of photos of models who don’t model on a regular basis. This may be the only time they’ve been in front of the camera. I have a model release but I try to be respectful of their privacy. Sometimes I change the name of models instead of using their real names. They may be a little uncomfortable today about photos we made years ago.


A photo by Sam Sanchez.

I discovered something old: noise. Specifically the old Noise Filter. I wanted more grain/noise in this photo but wasn’t getting enough from ACR. That’s when I decided to use the Noise Filter where I discovered the Monochrome checkbox. I unchecked the box even though this is a black & white image. I like the color noise it added. This was the kind of dirt I was looking for. On another note, Andrea was a great model and I should’ve shot her a few more times.