Author: Sam Sanchez



I was watching a Jordan Matter video where he was shooting dancers in Times Square. I thought, “I got something like that”. It also works as a Halloween photo. 


I started playing with the new color grading controls in camera raw filter in Photoshop and came up with this. This is so much better than the old (like from a week ago) duo tone panel it replaced. I think it’s more useful than Sky Replacement and Neural Filter. Both of which I think are just toys.

MAC 060

After a recent assignment, one of my students mentioned she liked the Texture slider hard right to bring out the texture in hair and hard left to smooth skin. That gave me an idea. I found this photo and decided to play with the Texture slider in the Adjustment Brush. Then I started going overboard. I worked on eyes, lips, and skin flaws. I added grain for that ‘70s Penthouse look. None of this really matters though. Mac makes the picture.